bài thi Level A #1

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bài thi Level A #1

Bài gửi by Admin on Mon Nov 08, 2010 4:04 pm

1) I'm ___ my garden.

a) waters
b) watering
c) watered
d) -

2) Can you ___ the teacher the question?

a) asked
b) ask
c) asking
d) -

3) She will ___ my breakfast in the morning.

a) cooked
b) cooking
c) cook
d) cooks

4) He ___ his name on the paper.

a) sign
b) signing
c) signed
d) -

5) They ___ in a play every year.

a) acts
b) act
c) acting
d) -

6) My brother will ___ money from me.

a) borowing
b) borrowed
c) borrow
d) -

7) We ___ for our trip to Europe.

a) packing
b) packs
c) packed
d) -

8) She ___ up early on her trip last week.

a) waking
b) wakes
c) woke
d) -

9) She has ___ a hamburger for dinner.

a) orders
b) ordered
c) ordering
d) -

10) The manager was ___ the number of guests

a) counted
b) counting
c) counts
d) -

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